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新型コロナウイルス感染症 (COVID-19)について





We are deeply saddened by many lives lost in the current pandemic and hope to get back to our lives as we knew them before it soon.

At Alliance for Humanitarian Architecture, we have stopped all on-site operations for safety considerations of our staff, volunteers, and the supporting community and their families.

In the meantime, we are focusing our work done remotely. Such work includes crowdfunding and creating various disaster-related educational contents plus others to provide valuable information that would become accessible from your home.

Humanity is once again being tested.

Like any other natural disasters we face, a kind, compassionate heart is needed from every one of us to overcome this event together. Stay calm and logical, anticipate and prepare, stay informed, be respectful of others, lend a helping hand where possible.

And we shall once again, enjoy and appreciate our lives as we had them and more.

Let’s build our lives back better TOGETHER.

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