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The beach is here!

Today, we gathered at the newly built Shoubuta district community hall and we presented a preview of the stage and rest area based on the previous workshop we done together. Afterwards, we all headed over the seawall to the beach.

"Wow, the ocean!"

We could hear many students shouting in excitement. The beach and the ocean is great.

We later got to hear from one of the students saying it was her first time visiting the ocean after the disaster. Unconciously, the sea have gotten further away throughout the years after the disaster.

Before we start the beach cleaning, we headed to the area where the stage will be built. Before the students arrived, we quickly constructed a small stage for the students to get an idea of how it would feel on the day of the performance. The beach cleaning quickly followed afterwards. Although the beach seemed clean on surface, once you dig a little, we could find many things like floats, ropes, and small plastic pellets.

Once the beach cleaning is over, and gathered our collected garbage, the students were freed to go. Everyone dashed to the ocean with much excitement and enjoyed the beach they had missed in a while. Some even went into the water!

Next time we meet, its construction time!

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