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その他、このプロジェクトのコンセプトもみんなで考えました。そして「再び海旅、Live & Rest Station、HAMAGIKU」に決まりました!浜菊は七ヶ浜町の町花です。素敵な名前が決まって皆の気持ちが一つになりました。今年の夏は熱くなりそうです!

Shoubuta Beach in Shichigahama town of Miyagi Prefecture is located east of Sendai. Opened in 1888, it is the 3rd oldest beach in Japan. For several years, it was also the summer retreat for foreigners residing in Japan. Before the disaster, the beach was vibrant with people each summer. The beach has been closed since the disaster and new gigantic seawall is constructed keeping the ocean further away. This summer, the town has finally decided to pre-open the beach for 10 days. AHA will participate in this exciting project to create a new summer scenery of the area. The first step was to hold a architecture workshop with the local high school students.

The students were grouped into their instruments, and were then asked to draw their dream image of their stage and rest area. The students presented ideas filled with great ideas and dreams. Due to limited budget, although quite difficult to implement many of these ideas, we hope to present something inspiring and include as many as we can.

We also decided together upon a concept title for this project. It is called "Sea Voyage Again, Live & Rest Station, HAMAGIKU". ”Hamagiku” is Nippon Chrysanthemum in Japanese, and is also the town flower. Now that we have a concept title, we are now all at one looking into the hot summer ahead!

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