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仙台防災未来フォーラム 2021 Sendai Bosai Mirai Forum 2021




Sendai Bosai Mirai Forum was held on March 6th and 7th. AHA setup a booth for the first time here. As a young small organization, for this time, we have displayed panels explaing who we are, what we do, what we have been doing these few years. Also, we have displayed our Beko Beko Family to show our activities towards disaster prevention education. With the hard work from PapaBeko, we were able to attract many visitors. We again thank you to those who stopped by.

We are also grateful to be able to find many like minded people regarding this Bosai topic. We still have to much to learn from each, and a hope through many future interactions, gather knowledge and perhaps do something together.

We would also like to thank Sendai City for providing such wonderful and educational oppertunity. We hope to provide many new content if we are given another oppertunity to hold a booth next year.


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